by Mar Reyes
otus logo seguridad guardias.png

Copy of OTUS Seguridad Monterrey - Security Guards




San Pedro N.L. México

Identity redesign and website for a company that offers a wide range of security guard services. 

PERXCE as the company used to be called, decided to change name and identity to separate their security guard services from other ones they offer like construction, industrial cleaning and maintenance.  The only request was to keep the triangle from the previous logo.

After an extend study, we proposed the name OTUS, which is the name of an owl specie. A nocturnal fast bird that hunts at night using its exceptional sight and listening skills. It is also easy so pronounce in many languages.

They classify guards in a wide variety of levels. For the uniform design we suggested that the higher level of guards wore an elegant navy uniform with gold details, and for lower levels have mostly yellow with navy details. 

The result gave this specific branch of the company a clear positioning as well as a strong identity that the team of guards could identify with.


Naming, Rebranding, Website